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At our company, we take pride in our ability to create exceptional 3D designs and models that meet the unique requirements of our clients. We specialize in 3D modelling using AutoCAD, which is a powerful software tool for creating intricate designs with high accuracy.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to handle large jobs, delivering quality results within tight deadlines. We understand that time is critical for our clients, and we are committed to providing quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

One of our specialties is refrigeration and freezer seal repair for large equipment. We know how crucial it is for businesses that rely on these systems to keep them in good working condition. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with the necessary expertise and tools to repair seals and ensure that the equipment functions optimally.

In addition to refrigeration and freezer seal repair, we also specialize in pump repair. We are capable of repairing all types of pumps, including centrifugal, positive displacement, and submersible pumps. We also provide mechanical seal repair services to ensure that your pumps are working at their best.

We offer a wide range of gasket materials to suit various applications, including high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosive environments. Our team of experts can recommend the right gasket material for your application and provide custom fabrication of gaskets to meet your specific needs.

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